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Rab Island - Sports and Recreation

The diversity and scattered nature of the island archipelago provides amateur sportsmen and women with a place to enjoy leisure, wellness facilities and a healthy way of life: 157km of cycle paths, 144km of walking trails, 5 diving centres, twenty tennis courts, five all-purpose courts, a sports hall, paintball field, sea kayaking, hunting and fishing and marine sports.  In addition to these leisure facilities, there is a flotilla of large and small, fast and slow boats available for charter. These can get you to some secret inlet in no time at all, and your enjoyment of an active holiday can really begin.

Hiking and bike trails

Rab is the island of sun, sea and beauty and it is one of the greenest islands of the Croatian Adriatic. Numerous promenades and cycling paths will show you the way to the attractive island locations and they will offer you a possibility of enjoying outstanding natural beauties of the picturesque Mediterranean landscape and an active and recreational holiday. Rab is the ninth largest island of the Croatian Adriatic. The island counts 22 km in length from the cape Sorinj to the cape Glavina. The island's width is 11 km. The total length of cycling paths on the island of Rab is 157 km. The total length of walking paths on the island of Rab is 144 km.

Hunting and fishing

In the waters around the island of Rab you can admire schools of fish and shells. On obtaining a fishing permit, the visitor to the island can enjoy the delights of fishing. An open hunting ground is located on the peninsula Kalifront and it is managed by the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb in the purpose of scientific and research work.



Owing to the geographical location and size of our island, there is a multitude of nearby spots to visit and complete your experience, such as few other destinations can boast of. For example, the one-and-a-half hour tour of the old town centre is an experience everyone will remember, not to mention the tour of the whole island and the boat trips (half- or full-day) around the whole island or to neighbouring islands, all offering the chance to bathe too and truly experience being on a boat at sea. Then there are options to visit the Plitvice and Paklenica National Parks and the Northern Velebit National Park – three pearls of the Velebit range and Lika region, rearing up behind Rab, and a stone’s throw away.