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Korisne informacije o otoku Rabu i mjestima na otoku

The Rabska Fjera - medieval summer fair

Unique in Croatia, the mediaeval summer fair called the Rabska Fjera was first proclaimed on 21st July 1364 and revived in 2002 as a town holiday, and its greatest role is in safeguarding and developing local and traditional values.

The Rabske ferije municipal holidays were proclaimed by the Great Council of the Town of Rab on 21st of July 1364 in honor of King Ljudevit the Great, who liberated Rab from the Venetians, and in honor of St Christopher, patron of the town of Rab, and his powers, which according to legend saved Rab.  Participants of the Rabska Fjera are artisans and craftsmen on the island of Rab who make a livelihood from crafts which existed and provided a living for people in the Middle Ages. There are also clubs and societies which voluntarily keep alive traditional crafts, cultivate traditional values, make home-made products and help preserve a way of life. The revived Rabske Fjere are held in a shortened form and last three days: 25th July, (St   James’ Day), 26th July (St Anne's Day) and 27th of July (St Christopher's Day), between 9 p.m. and half past midnight.