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Many a tourist town would be glad to be located in a place of such abundance as Rab. The fertile soil of Rab, with its fruits, and the surrounding sea, rich in a variety of fish and first-class shrimp – these form the basis of Rab’s healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Food here is so rich and so closely tied to the environment that it is even part of the range of souvenirs available on the island:  the freshest fish and seafood, the Rab Cake – a unique-tasting cake produced on the island for more than 800 years now – and organically-grown olives, figs, grapes and honey. These are the delicacies on the menu of the many restaurants and taverns, prepared in the traditional way by supreme masters of the kitchen.

To discover the cuisine and become intimate with its details is a worthy undertaking, whose reward is enjoyment par excellence.



Rab is an island of the scents and colours of nature, of aromatic, flavouring and healing herbs, high-quality wines, prošek and rakija, honey and honey products and lavenders. Rab is an exceptionally sunny island, with no less than 2,480 hours of sun annually, 150 days without a single cloud, and only 15 completely cloudy days. A climate like this can only be good for promoting a back-to-basics approach to organic production.