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The Association crossbowmen of Rab

The 1364 Mediaeval Games were revived by the Rab Crossbowmen's Association in 1995. In line with historical records, they are held on Victory Day (9th May), Croatia's National Day (25th June), St Christopher’s Day (27th July) and on the Day of the Assumption of Our Lady (15th August).  The weapon of the Rab crossbowman was the mediaeval defensive crossbow with which the people of Rab defended the city from its walls in the 11th century and which were also carried on the galleons of Rab at the famous Battle of Lepanto. The Association was founded solely to revive cultural and historic heritage and to promote the tourism of Rab and Croatia. The Rab Crossbowmen are thus a recognisable island brand, and not only in Croatia since the Crossbowmen have appeared all over Europe promoting the tourism of Rab and of Croatia.